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Holy Love

With the dust of burned palm ashes upon our heads, we bear the sign of holy love. A love that is given without grudges or reluctance - love that is poured out, overflowing, and abundant. Love is where we begin.

As we enter Lent, we look upon the layers of our story with Christ. We remember the ways that Christ has stirred our imaginations and shaped our dreams. We come to be reminded that the barren places will give way to new growth, that grief will give way to hope, and that death will bring resurrection.

But before we reach that point, we must let this season of Lent open us to the places in our souls that need to experience the deep love of Christ. We must tend to the places that need healing. We must bury those things in us that need a resurrection.

Come into Lent and experience the deep and holy love of God.


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