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Let Holy Love Hold You

When our children were toddlers, they would walk up to me and my husband, lift up their arms and say,

"hold you!" Even as toddlers, they knew that what they wanted was for us to pick them up and hold them in our arms. They were just a bit confused about their pronouns.

After we picked them up, our children would then proceed to grab our cheeks and turn our faces to look directly into their faces. Usually what followed were giggles and kisses. In those moments the love that was shared between us felt sacred and holy.

Spiritual Director and author, Judy Cannato says, "Everywhere the Holy One is shouting and whispering, 'Let me love you.' And all that is asked of us is to receive. In reality that is our life's work. Nothing more and certainly nothing less."

Our children wanted to be held and to receive our love. We wanted to hold them and show them the depth of our love. I believe that God wants to do the same for us - that in reality, God is desperate to love us. Like our children, God stands before us with open arms and says, "Hold you...I will hold you and give you my love." With all of the correct pronouns, that is God's promise to us.

May we respond to God's invitation. May we receive God's embrace, and may our hearts beat with holy love.


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