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Ryder's Lullaby

Lullabies are ancient songs. Their beginnings date back to 2,000 B.C. Babylonia. However, the words of those early lullabies were far from calming and soothing. The first recorded lullaby sounded more like a threat as it warned the baby to stop crying lest they disturb the house gods and force their wrath upon the family.

Even as lullabies evolved they continued to carry a warning or reprimand. We find that to be true in one lullaby that is still sung today. Rock-A-Bye-Baby possesses a warning about limbs breaking sending the cradle and baby falling to the ground.

Fortunately, in recent years, lullabies have changed their tune. While many still adhere to their predecessors' rhythmic triple meter and swaying lilt, contemporary lullabies tend to offer more soothing and prayerful words.

Singing a lullaby is an effective way to bring peace and solace to a fussy, tired baby. As a parent sings and sways, the baby feels comforted and loved. In this act, parents are literally holding their baby in love and creating for that child a beautiful image of how God loves and holds each of us.

Last month, on August 14, Ryder Hendley Goff, came peacefully into the world. I say peacefully because he literally didn’t cry for several hours after his birth. Nothing was wrong with him. His vitals were good and his skin was a healthy pink. He simply came into the world at peace.

Of course, the tears came later, and that was okay. I like to believe that Ryder was born knowing that he was loved and wanted and that his parents waited in patient hope for his arrival.

Ryder made me, and my husband, Cass, grandparents for the first time. He has shown us a new depth of love that we didn’t know existed. Holding this precious boy, feeling his soft warm breath against our cheek, smelling the sweetness of his downy hair, and simply holding the weight of him in our arms is an indescribable feeling. He has awakened a new love in us causing us to see the world with new eyes – eyes that know that God continues to create and make all things new, despite the destruction and violence we see in the world. God comes to us in new life.

We have also loved watching our daughter and son-in-law, Caitlyn and Brennan, become parents. They have anticipated this day for a long time, and they have waited in faith for God to bring Ryder into their lives. Listening to them pour out their love for him with their tender words and prayers has been a beautiful experience.

In the days ahead, we will sing lullabies to Ryder, and we will pray that the comfort he feels when we hold him, will be just a small reflection of the love that God has for him. We want Ryder to know that he is held, not only in the arms of his family but most importantly, in God's arms.

Ryder's Lullaby

Gently, sweetly soft blue eyes

Peer into my heart.

You awaken love in me,

Treasure of my heart.


You are a new song.

Sung within my heart.

Sleep in peace, my precious one.

God holds you this night.

Onward move the stars and moon,

Until the new day dawns.

May their light shine down on you.

Treasure of my heart.


Sun’s new light will bring the day.

Birds will sing their song.

Slumber now, and rest your eyes.

Treasure of my heart.



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