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The Questions of Advent

After Adam and Eve gave into temptation and ate the fruit that God had forbidden them to eat, God is heard walking in the garden at the time of the evening breeze. Adam and Eve hid from God's presence. They recognized their sinfulness, felt the shame of their nakedness, and God calls to them and asks, "Where are you?"

Like the first man and the first woman, our appetites for something more than God often leave us naked in our shame. We have yet to learn that our hunger can only be satisfied by divine bread - the one who comes to us as the Bread of Life.

Christ comes into the world in a moment in history. God comes to us. Shepherds and sages search for the Christ. They call out and ask, "Where is he?" Where is the Messiah - the one who comes to rescue us - who comes to make a new way for us?

Where are we? Where are you? The humble seek. The sinful hide. And somewhere in-between God calls out, "Where are you, my child?"

Religion teaches us to search for God as though God is far away but in reality, God is here. God is within us, and it is in the depths of our souls where we will find God - already present, waiting with hands outstretched. God is ready to receive us as we are - naked, sinful, and ashamed.

God is calling for us to give our attention to Advent. This season when love and grace are slowly unfurled. It is a time when our questions and doubts are allowed to be asked. It is a season to search and a season to be found.

Where are you?

Where is God?


God is with us.


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